Friday, June 11, 2010

Ini Hal Senior2~!

samekom, kowang sumer pekaber. kawe buet gapo tuh? eh, ber-kelate pulak la aku ni. hehehe, sekali-sekala. whatca matter? so, i'm bored today, that's bring me the idea to write something for today. emmm, do you wanna know about the seniors in my college? well, i knew some of them because i have an adopted sister at there. ow, i forgot to tell you all that all form 1 students (girls only~!) have our adopted sisters which is form 5. well, my sister is LDP. you what that means? well, it brings to Lembaga Disiplin Pelajar. some kinda students that will control your dicipline. my sister was called KAK INTAN. she was as short as me. but, don't play2, she is so fierce when she talk to the crowd but she is sooooo kind when she talk personally just like when she chat with me. hehehe.... ok, back to the topic, there was some form 5 girls that are well-known.

1. kak madi- so kind and clever. she used to smile to everyone!
2. kak roudhah- funny but sometime she's go fierce!
3. kak farz- PSP girl. look so kind. also smart!
4.kak intan- sister! she has a very elegant look!

that's all, i'm already tired, iwill type for sometime else, bye2!

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